Induction Range
In the quest for energy efficiency and sustainability, Falcon's induction portfolio emerges as the ideal choice for every kitchen. Whether driven by the need to cut costs amid rising energy prices or a commitment to environmental responsibility, our extensive range of induction products offers a tailored solution for diverse culinary spaces.

Falcon caters to the unique requirements of different kitchens with a comprehensive selection. From heavy-duty two and four-zone countertop variations and oven ranges in our Dominator Plus and F900 Series to light-duty six and four-zone ranges and countertop options under the One Series brand, there's an induction solution perfectly suited for your kitchen.

Why Choose Induction?

Induction technology stands out as the most energy-efficient option available to kitchen operators, providing an effortless means to shrink a kitchen's carbon footprint. The automatic pan-sensing technology ensures that energy is only utilised and heat is generated when a pan is placed on a zone. Over 90% of the energy then transfers directly into the pan, rapidly heating its contents while minimising wasteful energy released into the kitchen environment.

Beyond energy efficiency, here are some additional benefits of choosing Falcon's induction products:

Minimal Installation Expense: No need for expensive gas interlocking, resulting in cost savings.

Enhanced Working Environment: Reduced heat emissions create a cooler kitchen, improving staff comfort and reducing the workload on extraction systems, saving both energy and money.

Easy Maintenance: The hob's surface is easy to clean, requiring a simple wipe-down after use. Say goodbye to strenuous scrubbing at the end of service!

Safety for Staff: The absence of visual flames reduces the risk of burns, and handles on quality pots and pans remain safe to touch, eliminating the need for additional protective gear.

Instant Temperature Control: Adjust hob temperature immediately as needed, providing chefs with precise control from a gentle simmer to a rolling boil in seconds.

Faster Cooking: Boils 1 litre of room temperature water in less than 90 seconds (5kW zone model), significantly reducing cooking times.

How Does Induction Work?
The induction process involves generating an electrical current with a magnetic field reacting with the pan base (if made of ferromagnetic material). This reaction creates heat, ensuring efficient and rapid cooking.

Make the Most of Induction - Use the Right Pots!
To maximise the benefits of induction, it's crucial to use appropriate cookware that is:

  • Made of a ferromagnetic material (e.g., cast iron, most types of stainless steel).
  • Equipped with a magnetic base.
  • Flat-bottomed for maximum efficiency.
  • Featuring an undamaged base (free from warps or damage).

View the testing and comparing performance of a traditional electric range versus a traditional gas six burner range versus an induction range.

Transform your kitchen with Falcon's induction solutions and experience unparalleled efficiency, cost savings, and a commitment to a sustainable future.

Contact us today to upgrade your kitchen to induction and save big!

Induction Energy Efficiency