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Falcon G3840FX Twin Basket Fryer with Filtration
E3860FX Twin Basket Fryer with Filtration
Falcon G3860FX Twin Basket Fryer with Filtration
Falcon G3860 Twin Basket Fryer with Filtration
Falcon E3860 Twin Basket Fryer with Filtration
Falcon E3840FX Twin Basket Fryer with Filtration
Frymaster Electric Fryers RE17
Frymaster Frymaster Electric Fryers RE17
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Frymaster Electric Fryers with Filtration
Frymaster Frymaster Electric Fryers with Filtration
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Frymaster High-Efficiency Gas Fryers with Filtration

Fast Food Filtration Fryer

A filtration fryer is a type of commercial deep fryer equipped with a built-in filtration system that removes food particles and other impurities from the cooking oil. This system enhances the longevity of the oil, maintains its quality, and ensures consistent frying results. 

Here's a breakdown of what a filtration fryer is and its benefits:

How It Works

After a certain number of frying cycles or at the end of the day, the hot oil is drained from the fryer. The oil passes through a filtration system that captures food particles, crumbs, and other impurities. The cleaned oil is then pumped back into the fryer, ready for the next frying cycle.

There are various types of filtration systems, including

Gravity Filtration

The oil is drained by gravity through a filter medium, capturing larger particles of crumbs, batter, food, etc.

Mechanical Filtration

Uses a pump to force oil through a filter, capturing even smaller particles. This method is more efficient than gravity filtration.

Two-Stage Filtration

This process involves two distinct filtration stages to remove food particles and contaminants from the frying oil. The primary filter captures larger particles whilst the secondary filter uses a fine filter, often made of paper or other materials, which can capture tiny particles and impurities.

Benefits of a Filtration Fryer 

A fast food filtration fryer offers several benefits for enhanced cooking efficiency, check them out below.

Extended Oil Life

By removing impurities, the oil maintains its quality for a longer period, reducing the frequency of oil changes and saving costs.

Consistent Food Quality

Clean oil ensures that the food being fried has a consistent taste, texture, and appearance. Old or contaminated oil can impart off-flavours to the food.


Filtration reduces the risk of flare-ups or fires caused by accumulated food particles at the bottom of the fryer.


Some advanced filtration fryers can filter the oil in between batches without the need to cool down the oil, ensuring minimal downtime and increased operational efficiency.

Cost Savings

By extending the life of the cooking oil, businesses can reduce the expenses associated with frequent oil replacements.

Maintenance of a Fast Food Fryer 

To ensure the longevity and performance of your fast food fryer and its filtration system, follow the recommendations listed below. 

  • Regularly clean and replace the filter medium to ensure effective filtration.
  • Monitor the quality of the oil. Even with filtration, the oil will eventually degrade over time and need replacement.
  • Regularly clean the fryer's interior to prevent buildup and ensure efficient operation.

A fast food fryer with a filtration system is a valuable asset for any commercial kitchen or establishment that performs a significant amount of frying. It ensures consistent food quality, enhances safety, and offers cost savings in the long run.

The Frymaster and Falcon Fast Food Fryers are built with two-stage filtration systems, ensuring optimum performance for your business. Contact us to discuss pricing or any other queries you may have.