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Salamander Grill

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G3532 Falcon Salamander LPG Grill ex Demo
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Falcon G3532 Falcon Salamander LPG Grill ex Demo
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Key Features of Salamander Grills

Salamander Grills are respected in kitchens throughout the world, check out the product features and find out why. 

High-Intensity Overhead Heating

Unlike conventional grills that heat from below, salamanders heat from above, providing intense radiant heat.

Adjustable Shelf

The height of the shelf or rack can often be adjusted, allowing chefs to control the distance between the food and the heating element, thus controlling the intensity of the heat.

Rapid Heating

Salamanders heat up quickly, making them ideal for performing alongside fast-paced commercial kitchens.

Compact Design

Typically wall-mounted or placed on countertops, salamanders are designed to be compact and save space in the kitchen.

Stainless Steel Construction

Most salamanders are made of stainless steel, ensuring durability, long-lasting performance and ease of cleaning.

Variable Temperature Control

This feature allows cooks and chefs to set the desired temperature based on the specific cooking task, offering greater precision when preparing foods. 

Benefits of Using Salamander Grills

Salamander Grills provide many benefits due to their industry-leading design and performance, check out the specific benefits listed below. 


Beyond just grilling, salamanders can be used for a variety of tasks like toasting, browning, and finishing dishes, reducing the need for other kitchen appliances. 


Due to their high heat output, salamanders can quickly finish-off dishes, which is especially useful during busy service times.

Reliable Precision

The adjustable shelf and temperature controls allow chefs to cook with precision, achieving the desired finish on dishes time and time again. 


Salamanders are much more energy-efficient, especially when compared to turning on a large broiler or oven for small cooking tasks.


Their compact design ensures they don't occupy much space, making them suitable for kitchens of all sizes.

Suitable Applications

Salamander grills are commonly found in:

  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Hotels
  • Pizzerias (for melting cheese on pizzas)
  • Bakeries (for browning pastries)
  • Catering businesses

A salamander grill is an invaluable tool in many commercial kitchens. Its ability to deliver high, intense heat from above makes it perfect for a range of tasks that require quick and precise cooking. 

Find Out More

Whether you're looking to give a golden finish to a dish, melt cheese perfectly, or quickly toast bread, a salamander is the go-to equipment. Investing in a good-quality salamander can enhance the efficiency and versatility of a kitchen, ensuring dishes are served with the perfect finish every time.

Contact us with any queries on product pricing, performance, and machine specifications of a Salamander Grill - we’d be happy to help.