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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
Chip Dump with Heated Lamp option
Venture by Stephens Florigo Chip Shop Range
Florigo Chip Shop Ranges

Customised Fast Food Kitchen Equipment

We offer a completely customisable solution for installing Florigo fast-food kitchen equipment. This allows us to build a solution that works for your operation. With a customised build, delivered by us, you can expect:

Space optimisation 

We take into account your available kitchen space, ensuring that we optimise any dead spaces, without restricting your working area. 

High efficiency

The Florigo Chip Shop range is built with high efficiency. Compared to traditional fryers, this chip shop equipment can save you up to 50% in running costs and has a better recovery time for ideal cooking temperatures. 

Fast food cooking equipment you need

We ensure that you are investing in fast-food kitchen equipment that is suitable for your specific operation. With a customised build, everything is of use and you won’t be investing in kitchen equipment that never gets used. 

A preselected amount of pans

Depending on your fast food operation and your typical level of output, we can design a solution that provides you with enough pans to cook, prep and store foods, whilst still offering enhanced productivity. 

Fast Food Kitchen Equipment - Products and Features  

Check out the typical products and features that we can usually include in a Florigo Chip Shop Range. This will help you in determining what you may need for your operation.

Fast Food Fryer

Fish Fryer: A large deep fryer specifically designed for frying battered fish.

Chip Fryer: A deep fryer with a slightly different design, optimised for frying chips.

Chip Scuttle

A heated holding area to keep freshly fried chips warm and crispy until they're served.

Heated Display Cabinet

A heated unit with clear glass to display and keep ready-to-serve items warm.

Preparation Tables

Stainless steel tables for food preparation, wrapping and serving. 

Storage Shelving

For storing dry goods, packaging materials, and other essentials.

Condiment Station

A station with essential condiments like salt, vinegar, ketchup, and tartar sauce.

Waste Oil Storage

A safe storage solution for disposing of waste oil or filtering oil for reuse.

When operating a chip shop, it is crucial to invest in high-quality equipment, especially the frying ranges, as they are the heart of the operation. 

How to maintain Florigo chip shop equipment?

Maintaining your chip shop equipment is crucial for ensuring its longevity and performance. Here's a guide on how to ensure consistent food quality, safety, and efficient operation of your equipment. 

Frying Ranges

  • Filter the oil to remove food particles. This helps in extending the oil's life and ensures consistent frying results.
  • Clean the fryer baskets, removing any stuck-on food.
  • Wipe down the exterior to remove oil splatters and residues.
  • Check the oil level and top up or replace it as necessary.
  • Perform a deeper clean of the fryer weekly, draining the oil and cleaning the interior with a fryer-specific cleaner.

Chip Scuttle and Heated Display Cabinet 

  • Clean daily to remove any leftover chips and oil residues.
  • Ensure the heating element is functioning correctly and not overheating.

Breading Table, and Bain-Marie

  • Clean daily, ensuring no food residues are left behind.
  • Sanitize the surface to prevent cross-contamination.

Waste Oil Storage

  • Ensure the storage container is sealed and not leaking.
  • Schedule regular pickups or recycling of used oil.

Regular maintenance not only prolongs the life of the equipment but also ensures the safety of the staff and customers. It also helps in delivering consistent and high-quality food to your customers.