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Showing 1 - 48 of 378 products
FT Dunkel Stemmed Beer Glass 28cl/10 oz (Box of 6)
FT Havana Gin Cocktail Glass 62cl/21.8oz (Box of 6)
FT Tuvo HiBall Tumbler 31cl/10.9oz (Box of 24)
Havana Gin Cocktail Glass 62cl/21.8oz (Box of 6)
Odin Hiball Tumbler 35.6cl/12.5oz (Box of 6)
Martini Glass 17.5cl / 6oz (Box of 6)
Misket Wine Glass 26cl / 9oz (Box of 6)
Keops Tumbler 34.5cl/12.1oz (Box of 6)
Hendi Silent Bar Blender 2.5L
Stainless Steel Bullet Tumbler 40cl/14oz
Sylvia Beer Glass 38cl/13.4oz (Box of 6)
Scoop 12oz Pc Clear
SKU: 4312-07
Stephens Catering Equipment Scoop 12oz Pc Clear
Sale price£5.32
Corvus Wine Glass 36cl/12.7oz (Box of 6)
Corvus Wine Glass 45cl/15.8oz (Box of 6)
Pourer Medium Flow (Box of 12)
Jet Pour Fast Flow Spout (Box of 12)
Copper Speed Pourer- Medium Flow
Deluxe Waiters Friend, Wood Handle
WECK Juice Jar 1L/35.2oz 6cm (Dia) (Box of 6)
WECK Juice Jar 29cl/10.2oz 6cm (Dia) (Box of 6)
Clear Wine Bag 25cm/10"
FT Jerte Tumbler 36cl/12.7oz (Box of 12)
Pinot Wine Glass 35cl/12.3oz (Box of 6)
Koshu Champagne Saucer 24cl/8.5oz (Box of 6)
Rome Gin Cocktail Glass 65cl/22.9oz (Box of 6)
Pinot Wine Glass 47cl/16.5oz (Box of 6)
Gala Gin Cocktail Glass 67cl/23.6oz (Box of 6)
Subirats Champagne Flute 17cl/6oz (Box of 12)
FT Arneis Champagne Flute 17.5cl/6oz (Box of 6)
Edel Stemmed Glass 35cl/12.25oz (Box of 6)
Mykonos Champagne Saucer 24cl/8.5oz (Box of 6)
Martini Cocktail Glass 14cl/4.9oz (Box of 6)
FT Nervion Rocks Tumbler 29cl/10.2oz (Box of 12)
Magnum Gin Cocktail Glass 72cl/25.3oz (Box of 6)
FT Victoria Wine Glass 58cl/20.4oz (Box of 6)
FT Mencia Rocks Tumbler 47cl/16.5oz (Box of 6)
FT Victoria Wine Glass 47cl/16.5oz (Box of 6)
FT Mencia Rocks Tumbler 35cl/12.3oz (Box of 6)
FT Victoria Champagne Glass 17cl/6oz (Box of 6)
Ibiza Gin Cocktail Glass 72cl/25.3oz (Box of 6)
FT Margarita Glass 27cl/9.5oz (Box of 6)
FT Victoria Wine Glass 35cl/12.3oz (Box of 6)
FT Platine Wine Glass 31cl/10.9oz (Box of 6)
FT Platine Wine Glass 44cl/15.5oz (Box of 6)
Helles Beer Glass 65cl/22.9oz (Box of 6)

Our Barware collection brings together a concise range of essential kit that perfectly combines stunning appearance, practical craftsmanship and competitive pricing. Crafted with the discerning Mixologist in mind, we have introduced a range of Shakers, Mixing Spoons, Jiggers, Muddlers and Strainers.

Barware refers to the tools and equipment used to mix, serve, and consume alcoholic beverages, especially in a bar or home bar setting. Having the right barware can enhance the experience of making and enjoying drinks. Here's a breakdown of common barware items:

Bar Glasses

Check out the impressive range of bar glasses that we regularly stock and supply. 

Cocktail Glass (Martini Glass)

A stemmed glass with a wide, shallow bowl, perfect for drinks served without ice.

Highball Glass

A tall glass used for mixed drinks with a high ratio of non-alcoholic mixer.

Lowball Glass (Old Fashioned or Rocks Glass)

A short, round glass used for spirits or cocktails with few mixers.

Shot Glass

A small glass used to measure or serve spirits.

Wine Glasses

These come in various shapes and sizes, with specific designs for red, white, and sparkling wines.

Beer Glasses

Includes pint glasses, steins, mugs, and specialty glasses like snifters or tulip glasses for specific beer types.

Champagne Flute: 

A tall, narrow glass designed to hold sparkling wines and champagnes.

Brandy Snifter:

A short-stemmed glass with a wide bottom and narrow top, designed to concentrate the aroma of brandy or cognac.

Barware Mixing Tools

Our range of mixing tools allows you to let you craft the perfect drink every time, check them out below. 

Cocktail Shaker

Used to mix and chill ingredients. Comes in various styles, including Boston and cobbler shakers.

Mixing Glass

A glass or metal container used with a bar spoon to stir drinks.

Bar Spoon

A long spoon used to stir and layer drinks.


A tool used to crush ingredients, like herbs or fruit, to release their flavours.

Serving Tools

Serve up a drink with that perfect finish using your favourite mixologist tools.


A double-sided measuring tool is used to measure and pour spirits and other ingredients.


Used to separate solid ingredients from liquid when pouring a drink. Common types include the Hawthorne and Julep strainers.

Bar Blade/Bottle Opener

Used to open bottled beverages.


A tool for opening wine bottles.

Garnish Tools

Your bartender's best friend, check out this section of garnish tools on offer. 

Citrus Zester/Peeler

Used to create citrus twists or peels for garnish.

Fruit and Garnish Knife

A small knife used to cut fruits, herbs, and other garnishes.

Garnish Picks and Skewers

Used to hold olives, cherries, or other garnishes in drinks.

Other Tools

Other miscellaneous barware that you need in everyday operation.

Ice Bucket and Tongs: Used to hold and serve ice.

Pour Spouts: Attached to liquor bottles for controlled pouring.

Bar Mat: A mat placed on the bar surface to catch spills.

Misting Spray: Used to add a mist of vermouth or other

We have a healthy and wide selection of barware items, keep scrolling to find what you need.