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Showing 1 - 48 of 111 products
15 Piece Colour Coded Knife Set + Knife Case
Magnetic Knife Rack 35.6cm/14"
Stephens 4" Tomato Knife (Serrated)
10 Piece Colour Coded Knife Set + Knife Case
Stephens 8" Chef Knife
Stephens 8'' Bread Knife White (Serrated)
Giesser Meat Cleaver 6"
SKU: 6645-15
Stephens Catering Equipment Giesser Meat Cleaver 6"
Sale price£35.05
Magnetic Knife Rack 22" White
Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors 8" Red
Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors 8" Blue
Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors 8"
Stephens Double End Paris Scoop (22/30mm Dia)
Stephens Speed Peeler Stainless Steel
Magnetic Knife Rack 45.7cm/18"
Stephens Melon Baller (22mm Dia)
Stephens 12'' Slicing Knife Yellow (Serrated)
6 Piece Colour Coded Knife Set + Knife Wallet
Stephens 12'' Slicing Knife White (Serrated)
Canvas Knife Wallet - 14 Compartment
Stephens 4" Vegetable Knife Red
Stephens 4" Vegetable Knife Green
Stephens 4" Vegetable Knife Brown
Stephens 4" Vegetable Knife Blue
Stephens 4" Vegetable Knife Black
Stephens 10" Universal/Pastry (Serrated)
Stephens 2.5" Turning Knife
Stephens 12" Sharpening Steel
Stephens 10" Sharpening Steel
Stephens 10" Steak Knife
15 Piece Knife Set + Knife Case
10 Piece Knife Set + Knife Case
Stephens 10" Slicing Knife (Serrated)
Knife Sharpener
Stephens Catering Equipment Knife Sharpener
Sale price£17.47
Stephens 8" Palette Knife White
10" Oval Diamond Sharpening Steel
Stephens 7.5" Cranked Palette Knife
Stephens 8" Flexible Palette Knife
Stephens Plastic Handled Peeler
Stephens 4" Paring Knife
Stephens 3" Paring Knife
7 Piece Knife Set + Knife Wallet
Stephens 8'' Chef Knife Yellow
Stephens 6" Carving Fork
Stephens 6" Flexible Filleting Knife Red
Stephens 6" Flexible Filleting Knife Blue
Stephens 6" Flexible Filleting Knife
Stephens Knife Case - 7 Compartment
Stephens Knife Case - 16 Compartment

Elevate Your Culinary Experience with
Our Professional Chef Knives Collection

Stephens Catering Equipment, your premier
catering equipment supplier in the UK & Ireland, proudly presents our Chef
Knives section—a haven for culinary enthusiasts seeking precision and quality.
Explore our curated selection of professional chef knives, meticulously
designed to meet the highest standards in the industry.


Unrivalled Quality: GenWare and Giesser

Our professional chef knife collection is a
testament to excellence, featuring a diverse array of knives and accessories
sourced from trusted brands like GenWare and the esteemed German knife
manufacturer, Giesser. With a commitment to superior craftsmanship, we bring
you a range that goes beyond the ordinary.


Unleash the Power of Precision

Razor-Sharp Mastery: Black-Handled Marvels

Dive into the world of culinary finesse
with our black-handled professional chef knives. Crafted with a full tang blade
and razor-sharp molybdenum steel, these knives conform to BS8442-5 standards,
ensuring initial sharpness and remarkable cutting edge retention. Elevate your
culinary creations with tools that embody precision and durability.


Colour Your Culinary Journey: Coded for

Our colour-coded range of professional chef
knives isn't just visually appealing; it's a practical solution for maintaining
hygiene and safety in your kitchen. Designed to eliminate cross-contamination,
these knives adhere to the Food Safety Act of 1990 and HACCP food regulations.
Experience efficiency without compromise.


German Precision: GiesserTM Knives

Immerse yourself in the legacy of GiesserTM
knives, meticulously manufactured in southern Germany. Developed to the highest
standards, these knives combine modern industrial automation with traditional
handcrafted skills. Renowned for strength, sharpness retention, reliability,
and value for money, GiesserTM knives stand as a symbol of culinary prowess.


Tailored Sets for Culinary Aficionados

Perfectly Curated: Knife Sets for Every

Discover convenience with our pre-selected
knife sets, catering to the needs of chef colleges, students, and professional
chefs alike. Each set is a carefully curated ensemble, offering the ideal tools
for culinary excellence. Elevate your skills with knives that embody precision,
reliability, and style.


Safe and Stylish: Knife Cases for

Ensure the safety of your knives with our
purpose-designed knife cases. Tailored to carry knives and sets securely, these
cases provide protection from damage and minimize the risk of injury. Invest in
the longevity of your culinary tools with our stylish and functional knife


Unlock the Potential of Your Culinary

In conclusion, Stephens Catering Equipment
invites you to elevate your culinary experience with our Chef Knives
collection. From black-handled precision to colour-coded efficiency and German
excellence, our range caters to the diverse needs of culinary enthusiasts.
Explore the world of unmatched quality, precision, and style with our
professional chef knives.