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iVario Cooking Centre

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products
iVario Pro 2-S Multifunctional Cooking System
iVario 2-XS Multifunctional Cooking System
iVario Pro L Multifunctional Cooking System
iVario Pro XL Multifunctional Cooking System

iVario Cooking Centre Product Description

The iVario Cooking Centre is a versatile and advanced cooking system designed for commercial kitchens. Developed by RATIONAL, a leading manufacturer of cooking equipment, the iVario Cooking Centre offers a range of functionalities that aim to optimise cooking processes, save energy, and ensure consistent food quality.

Key Features of the iVario Cooking Centre

The iVario Cooking Centre is an impressive piece of kitchen equipment, check out the key features below. 


This is a patented heating system that ensures rapid heating and precise temperature control. It can boil, fry, and deep fry in a short amount of time.


An intelligent cooking assistant that adjusts cooking parameters in real time. It can recognize the size and quantity of food, making necessary adjustments to ensure consistent results.


Allows chefs to divide the cooking pan into different temperature zones. This means you can cook multiple dishes simultaneously at different temperatures in the same pan.


This function automatically raises and lowers food items, such as pasta or deep-fried foods, ensuring they are cooked perfectly.

Efficient Energy Management

The iVario Cooking Centre is designed to be energy-efficient, consuming up to 40% less energy compared to traditional cooking methods.

Easy Cleaning

The unit features an integrated cleaning system that makes the cleaning process quick and straightforward.


The iVario Cooking Centre can replace multiple traditional kitchen appliances, such as tilting pans, boiling pans, deep fryers, and more. This saves space in the kitchen and offers chefs a wide range of cooking options.

What business would benefit from an iVario Cooking Centre?

The iVario Cooking Centre is beneficial for many different types of commercial kitchen settings, check out some businesses/establishments that would benefit from this piece of equipment below.

  • Large Commercial Kitchens
  • Restaurants
  • Catering Services
  • Educational Institutions
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Cruise Ships
  • Food Production Facilities
  • Gourmet Chefs and Culinary Schools
  • Businesses with Limited Kitchen Space

The iVario Cooking Centre is suitable for any establishment or individual that requires efficient, consistent, and versatile cooking solutions. Its design and features cater to both high-volume cooking and precision gourmet preparations, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of uses.

Benefits of iVario Cooking Centre

The iVario Cooking Centre will soon become an indispensable apparatus within your kitchen, check out the benefits of this multifunctional piece of equipment below.


With its intelligent cooking assistant and precise temperature control, the iVario ensures consistent cooking results every time.


The ability to cook multiple dishes simultaneously and the rapid heating system reduce cooking times and increase kitchen productivity.


By replacing multiple traditional appliances, the iVario Cooking Centre saves valuable kitchen space.


Reduced energy consumption and the ability to optimise food quantities can lead to significant cost savings in the long run.

Ease of Use

With its intuitive controls and intelligent features, the iVario is user-friendly and reduces the learning curve for chefs.

The iVario Cooking Centre is a state-of-the-art cooking solution for modern commercial kitchens. It offers a combination of efficiency, versatility, and intelligence, making it a valuable asset for establishments seeking to optimise their cooking processes and ensure high-quality food output.