Revolutionising the Hospitality Industry with Hobart's Undercounter Dishwasher

In the realm of catering equipment, efficiency and innovation are paramount. Stephens Catering Equipment, a prominent supplier in the UK & Ireland, understands this well. Partnering with leading manufacturers like Hobart, Stephens Catering Equipment aims to bring cutting-edge solutions to its clientele.

The Challenge of Manual Cutlery Polishing

Within the hospitality industry, time is of the essence. Manual polishing of cutlery consumes valuable hours, detracting from essential tasks and guest service. Traditional cutlery polishing machines offer relief but come with drawbacks like space consumption and high costs.

Hobart's Game-Changing Solution

Enter Hobart, heralding a new era with the world's first undercounter dishwasher featuring the CUTLERY PREMIUM function. This groundbreaking innovation integrates washing and polishing, streamlining kitchen operations and mitigating staff shortages.

Benefits Galore

The benefits are manifold. Restaurant owners rejoice as Hobart's dishwasher saves both space and time. With the ability to put cutlery straight back into service during peak hours, staff can prioritise guest satisfaction.

Space-saving and Ease of Retrofitting

The undercounter dishwasher boasts a compact design, optimising kitchen layout. Retrofitting is a breeze; the addition of a cutlery rack and support transforms the machine seamlessly.

Time-saving and Efficiency Enhancement

Gone are the laborious days of manual polishing. With Hobart's dishwasher, establishments save valuable time, translating to increased productivity and reduced labour costs. Staff can redirect their efforts towards delivering exceptional dining experiences.

Perfect Wash Results and Safe Operation

The rotating cutlery basket ensures impeccable cleanliness while the automatic selection of programs eliminates operational errors. Hygiene standards remain paramount, upheld by the dishwasher's precision and reliability.


Innovation meets necessity with Hobart's undercounter dishwasher. Stephens Catering Equipment proudly offers this solution, revolutionising kitchen workflows and elevating guest experiences. Embrace efficiency; embrace excellence.


How does Hobart's undercounter dishwasher save time in the kitchen?
Hobart's dishwasher integrates washing and polishing functions, eliminating the need for manual polishing and saving valuable time.

Can the CUTLERY PREMIUM feature be retrofitted into existing machines?
Yes, the feature can be easily retrofitted into Hobart's FP and FX dishwashers, offering flexibility and convenience to users.

What are the key benefits of using the undercounter dishwasher with CUTLERY PREMIUM feature?
The benefits include space-saving, time-saving, improved wash results, and safe and error-free operation.

How does the dishwasher ensure safe and error-free operation?
The machine automatically selects the appropriate program when the cutlery rack support is in place, minimizing the risk of operating errors.

Is the rotating cutlery basket suitable for all types of cutlery?
Yes, the rotating cutlery basket accommodates various types of cutlery, ensuring thorough cleaning and optimal results.


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