Pudu CC1 Intelligent Cleaning Robot now available in the UK & Irish market

Four-in-1 Versatile Cleaning

Sweeping, Scrubbing, Vacuuming and Mopping multi- function in one. All cleaning needs can be easily met by one machine.

The Intelligent Commercial Cleaning Robot that suits various usage scenarios. 
Whether there are office buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls or other scenarios, PUDU CC1 can make it cleaner than ever.

Main Features:
💚Stable efficiency and higher quality of cleaning
💚Lower recruitment, training and management costs
💚Reduce employee injuries and absences
💚Easily deal with custodial inspections with digital reports

 Watch the Robot in Action: https://youtu.be/qoYgbgU5HNI

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Contact Sam Byles at sbyles@stephens-catering.com for more information.

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