Energy & Labour-Saving Solutions with Stephens Catering Equipment

Stephens Catering Equipment will continue to support our customers through both innovative and well-established solutions to help save costs during this current energy crisis. Here are some energy, money and labour-saving tips to help with maximising the efficiency of your commercial kitchen.

Reduce Running Costs of your Fryer

  • Heat up oil slowly
  • Keep lid on fryer
  • Filter regularly
  • Rotate Oil

Reduce Refrigeration Costs

  • Put doors on all open refrigeration- either glass or Perspex
  • Include more racks
  • Packing your fridge/ freezer tightly will use less energy and alleviate the need for additional fridges/ freezers
  • Use baskets for small items

Find the best energy supplier

  • Gas: LPG v’s Natural Gas can save on running costs
  • Electric- consider induction to reduce running costs
  • Green Gas will reduce carbon footprint

Placement of equipment

  • Refrigeration equipment needs room & proper ventilation around it, will use more energy without it to stay cool
  • Separate areas for heating & cooling equipment

Reduce Water Consumption

  • Use Low-Flow Spray Valves
  • Install Low-Flow Aerators for your hand-washing sinks
  • Fix leaks in taps & pipes

Decrease Heat usage

  • Adjust or invest in a smart thermostat
  • Upgrade to energy efficient unheated hand dryers


  • Energy efficient lighting & bulbs: If you are not already, look for energy-saving compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and light-emitting diodes (LED) bulbs


  • Service & clean equipment regularly
  • Shutdown idle equipment
  • Focus on training- Ensure new staff are trained on best practises and how to use equipment efficiently

Use Energy Efficient Equipment

  • Upgrade fryer to an energy efficient fryer & Range
    • e.g. Frymaster Oil Conserving Fryer & Florigo Energy Saving Ranges
  • Upgrade to high efficiency dishwasher
    • e.g. Hobart Warewashing
  • Invest in low running cost refrigeration
    • e.g. Foster Refrigeration EcoPro G3 Range
  • An iCombi oven or iVario cooking system will reduce the amount of equipment you require in your kitchen
  • Use Induction Equipment
    • e.g. Inducs, Garland & Falcon Induction Ranges, Grill & Holding
  • Upgrade to self-cleaning equipment that requires far less labour to operate than conventional equipment
    • e.g. Fri-jado & Ubert Rotisseries and Rational iCombi Oven & iVario cooking systems
  • Upgrading older oven models will save energy, money & environment



Merrychef Eikon Series

Frymaster Oil Conserving Fryer

Florigo Ranges

Hobart Warewashing

Rational iCombi Oven & iVario Cooking System

Foster Gamko G3 Refrigeration

Ubert & Moffat Hot & Cold Deli Holding

Inducs, Garland, Falcon Induction Range, Grill & Holding

Ubert, Fri-jado Auto Clean Rotisserie

Pudu Smart Delivery Robots