How to Slash Your Energy Bills: Smart Choices for Efficient Kitchen Equipment

How to Slash Your Energy Bills: Smart Choices for Efficient Kitchen Equipment

Are you tired of high energy bills eating into your profits? At Stephens Catering Equipment, we understand the challenges businesses face, especially in times of energy crises. The good news is, that there are innovative solutions available that can significantly reduce your energy consumption and save you money. Let’s explore some smart choices for energy-efficient kitchen equipment that can help you cut your electric bill by more than 50%.

1. Induction Griddles and Hobs:
Traditional electric heat can be a major drain on your energy resources. By switching to induction griddles or hobs, you can make a substantial difference. Induction technology is more energy-efficient, offering faster heat-up times. Plus, it heats only the cooking vessel, eliminating wasted energy. No pan, no heat – it's that simple. By making this switch, you can dramatically reduce your energy usage while cooking efficiently.

2. Automatic Gas Burner Heads:
If you use gas equipment in your kitchen, consider installing automatic burner heads. These smart devices cut off the gas supply when the equipment is not in use, preventing unnecessary energy wastage. It’s a small investment that can lead to significant savings in the long run.

3. Upgrade Your Kitchen Equipment:
If your kitchen appliances are 10 or even 5 years old, it's time to consider an upgrade. Newer energy-efficient equipment is designed to save both energy and costs. Here are some suggestions:

- Frymaster Oil Conserving Fryer: Upgrade your fryer to a Frymaster Oil Conserving Fryer. With 40% less oil consumption and 10% less energy required, you’ll witness a remarkable reduction in costs. By investing in the Frymaster Frying Suite, you could save up to £2,500 annually per well. Regularly filtering your oil is the key to unlocking incredible savings.

- Hobart High-Efficiency Dishwasher: Invest in a high-efficiency Hobart dishwasher that features low water consumption, an Eco Programme, and short cycle times. This not only reduces water, energy, and detergent consumption by up to 50%. A twin-level dishwasher has double Capacity, The machine’s double-capacity chambers can efficiently wash up to 120 racks per hour, ensuring a seamless workflow even during peak hours.

- Foster EcoPro G3 Refrigeration: Choose low-running-cost refrigeration such as the Foster EcoPro G3. This advanced system uses pure LEDs with InGaN technology, achieving higher resolution and longer life while consuming less power. With the new and improved +stayclear condenser, your equipment will last longer and consume significantly less energy, providing substantial savings.

- Rational iCombi Oven or iVario Cooking System: Consider upgrading to a Rational iCombi Oven or iVario cooking system. These high-tech appliances not only reduce the number of equipment pieces you need in your kitchen but also significantly lower water and electricity consumption per cycle. An iVario uses half the water and 38% less energy than a conventional six-burner range, saving time, energy, and cleaning efforts.

By making these strategic investments in energy-efficient kitchen equipment, you not only reduce your energy bills but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. At Stephens Catering Equipment, we are committed to helping you make smart choices that benefit your business and the environment. Upgrade your kitchen today, and start saving tomorrow.

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