Hobart Wins Supplier of the Year for Two Level Washer at 2023 FEJ Awards!
We have incredible news to share from the heart of the catering industry: Hobart, one of the leading names in catering equipment, has just been honored with a prestigious award at the 2023 Foodservice Equipment Journal (FEJ) Awards. We at Stephens Catering Equipment are thrilled to be associated with Hobart and celebrate their remarkable achievement.

The Award-Winning Innovation: Hobart’s Two Level Washer

At the illustrious FEJ Awards held at the luxurious Pan Pacific London, Hobart clinched the coveted title of Supplier of the Year for ‘New Product Development – Kitchen Efficiency.’ The recognition was awarded to Hobart’s groundbreaking invention, the Two Level Washer, a global first in its category. This innovative machine has been specifically designed to tackle the challenges faced by operators in commercial kitchens of all sizes.

The Two Level Washer stands out for its unique features:

1. Double Capacity: The machine’s double capacity chambers can efficiently wash up to 120 racks per hour, ensuring a seamless workflow even during peak hours.

2. Space-Saving Credentials: Despite its impressive capacity, the Two Level Washer boasts a space-efficient design with the same footprint as a single hood machine. This space-saving feature is a game-changer for kitchens where every inch matters.

3. Improved Efficiency: Operators can use the chambers simultaneously or independently, allowing them to adapt to fluctuations in customer footfall. This flexibility is invaluable for managing varying demands.

4. Innovative Thinking: The Two Level Washer incorporates exclusive patent-protected technology, making it a truly innovative solution in the world of catering equipment.

5. Maximum Flexibility: This versatile machine allows operators to efficiently manage the demands of both front and back-of-house teams by washing different types of ware simultaneously.

6. Reduced Maintenance Costs: Thanks to its higher capacity functionality, the Two Level Washer leads to reduced maintenance costs, providing businesses with long-term savings.

7. Reduced Operating Costs: The SENSO-ACTIVE system constantly monitors the quality of the wash water, resulting in up to a 35% reduction in detergent consumption. This not only saves costs but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

A Word from Hobart’s Sales Director, Cara Williams

Upon receiving the award, Hobart’s Sales Director, Cara Williams, expressed her delight, emphasising the Two Level Washer's significance in revolutionising kitchen efficiency. The award is a testament to Hobart's dedication to forecasting, testing, and bringing to life the kitchen solutions of the future.

We at Stephens Catering Equipment are incredibly proud to be associated with Hobart. We congratulate Hobart on this well-deserved accolade and look forward to bringing this cutting-edge technology to commercial kitchens in Ireland and the UK.

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