Boost Your Retail Business Revenue by 50% with Genuine Broaster Chicken
In the dynamic world of retail, staying ahead means embracing adaptability and innovation. For deli owners seeking to diversify, attract new customers, and skyrocket revenue, Stephens Catering Equipment (SCE) introduces a game-changing opportunity through the Genuine Broaster Chicken concept.

Unleashing Profit Potential
  • Up to £50K Profits Annually: Introducing Genuine Broaster Chicken to your business can yield impressive profits of £50,000 plus a year.
  • Finance & Leasing Options: Access the Genuine Broaster Chicken concept for as little as £22 a day, with a return on investment typically in less than a year.
  • Available as a comprehensive turnkey solution, offered in versatile formats—whether seamlessly integrated into the menu of your fast-food outlet or deli in-store kiosk (as illustrated), or as a standalone quick-service restaurant with convenient takeaway options.
  • Expand Your Menu: Craft a signature menu that resonates with your customers, enhancing their dining experience and loyalty.

Unmatched Flavour and Efficiency
When it comes to chicken, nothing compares to the flavour and efficiency of pressure-fried chicken. Broaster chicken, in particular, offers a crispy exterior, juicy interior, and an irresistible taste that keeps customers coming back for more.

  • The Power of Pressure Fryers: Choose a Broaster Pressure Fryer for unparalleled cooking efficiency. The round cooking well ensures even heat distribution, eliminating cold or uncooked spots, minimising waste, and delivering a superior end product.
  • Less Oil, More Quality: For high-volume production during peak times, Broaster Pressure Fryers use significantly less oil than competitors. Built-in oil filtration further promotes safer, cleaner, and less wasteful cooking practices.

The Complete Package
Stephens Catering Equipment serves as your one-stop shop for the Genuine Broaster Chicken concept. The comprehensive package includes:

Setting You Up for Success
SCE go beyond providing equipment; we ensure your success by:

  • Test Kitchen Setup: Before going on-site, SCE sets up the Genuine Broaster Chicken concept in our test kitchen, ensuring your staff is familiar with the processes and equipment operation.
  • Complete Solution: From marinades and coatings to packaging, SCE supplies everything needed to get started.

Hear From Michael Cleary of Daybreak, Celbridge: "The introduction of the Chicken Shack concept to our business has exceeded our expectations. Stephens Catering Equipment supplied the complete concept to get us up and running. We received a return on our investment within the first six months."

Elevate Your Retail Business with Stephens Catering Equipment
Genuine Broaster Chicken is not just a food concept; it's an opportunity for retailers to diversify, expand, and flourish. With our proven track record of excellence and a commitment to partnering in success, we pave the way for business owners to boost revenues by up to 50%. Embrace the future of retail with Genuine Broaster Chicken from Stephens Catering Equipment.

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