Case Studies

Fit out of Mary Brown's Chicken Lisburn

We are thrilled to share our latest collaboration with Mary Brown's Chicken, Canada's beloved fast-food chain, as they expand internationally into Lisburn, Northern Ireland!

 Stephens Catering Equipment were honoured to be their chosen partner in this exciting venture, providing end-to-end support in setting up their first franchise outside Canada. From kitchen design to supply chain solutions, we were there every step of the way, ensuring a seamless transition and top-notch quality.

Keep reading to find out how we did it. 

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Nash Moledina, Mary Brown's Chicken speaks about how Stephens Catering Equipment assisted with opening their first franchise in the UK. 

What Did We Do?

Kitchen Design
Our design team worked on the initial designs for the kitchen overseeing any changes or amendments until completion of the project. They took the flow of the kitchen in mind incorporating prep areas, cooking and wash up areas. 

We ensured that Mary Brown's equipment was compatible with European standards. Our engineers carried out all the required conversions.

Test Kitchen
We facilitated menu testing in our test kitchen. Our test kitchen provided the perfect environment for Mary Brown's to experiment with different ingredients until they achieved the perfect balance of flavour and quality.

What Did We Install?

We only recommended the best industry-leading equipment for this Project. Our goal was to ensure a project completion that would offer long-term value and performance.

Check out the kitchen equipment that we sourced and installed for Mary Brown's. 

True and Williams Refrigeration
True and Williams is an Irish, family-owned commercial refrigeration company founded in 1947. They manufacture and supply refrigerated cabinets, counters, blast chillers, coldrooms and other specialist catering equipment.

Their refrigeration units utilise advanced technologies like LED lighting, variable speed compressors and touchscreen controls to maximise efficiency and temperature control. They typically design refrigerators for sectors like hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafes, education, healthcare and retail.

Hobart Wash-up Systems
Hobart is a well-known brand in the commercial kitchen equipment industry, and their commercial dishwashers, in particular, are highly regarded for their efficiency, durability, and innovation. We installed a Pass Through (Hood Type) Dishwasher. This allowed us to create an efficient solution that could keep pace with the demands of Mary Brown's Chicken.

Why Choose Stephen’s Catering Equipment? 

When it comes to kitchen installation and fitting, Stephens Catering Equipment stands out as the premier choice for businesses and establishments based throughout Ireland.

Not only can we expertly source industry-leading equipment, ensuring that clients receive the best in quality and innovation, but we also provide comprehensive fitting services, ensuring seamless integration into any kitchen space.

Our vast experience is underscored by our involvement in numerous large-scale projects, like the fitout of Mary Brown's. It is a testament to our capability and trustworthiness to deliver on our industry-leading services.

By choosing Stephens Catering Equipment, you are guaranteed a partner that understands the intricacies of kitchen setups, offering top-tier equipment, and delivering an impeccable installation service. We are your one-stop solution for all kitchen needs.

Contact us with any project queries or product questions and we’d be happy to help.