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Kilkea Hotel, Kildare

Stephens Catering Equipment is proud to have worked alongside the Kilkea Castle Refurbishment Project.

We were awarded this contract as part of the estate's $35 million renovation scheme, installing three new kitchen and bar areas to accommodate the hotel’s rising clientele and refurbished appeal.

This project underpins our industry expertise and our ability to deliver on more than just top-quality kitchen equipment. With a team of experienced kitchen fitters and contractors, we were able to design and install a bespoke solution that worked for the centuries-old estate of Kilkea Castle.

Keep reading to find out how we did it. 

Our story

Kilkea Castle Refurbishment Project

Kilkea Castle is nestled just an hour away from the bustling city of Dublin. It is steeped in history, dating back to 1180 and once served as the mediaeval stronghold for the FitzGerald family, the Earls of Kildare. Today, it stands as a testament to Ireland's rich past, offering visitors a unique blend of historical charm and modern luxury. The resort boasts 140 bedrooms set on a vast 180-acre estate, which encompasses landscaped gardens, ancient woodlands, a meandering river and an 18-hole championship golf course.

What Did We Do?

Main Castle Kitchen
The Main Castle kitchen would serve as the primary space for preparing dishes to be served in Restaurant 1180. It had to facilitate chefs in creating a fine dining experience for their guests, equipped with the latest kitchen equipment and cooking facilities.

The Golf Club Kitchen
The Bistro is located in the Clubhouse in Kilkea Castle, which is part of its onsite golf course. It has undergone extensive remodelling and sits proudly overlooking the green. Our involvement in the kitchen refurb was part of this remodelling project, creating a modern kitchen space to facilitate high-quality dining.

Banqueting Kitchen
The banqueting kitchen was an extensive part of this refurbishment project. We were able to create an efficient and streamlined solution to cater to up to 400 seated guests for a full banquet event. At Stephen’s Catering Equipment, we provide the best kitchen fitting and installation service, regardless of the project size. 

What Did We Install?

We only recommended the best industry-leading equipment for the Kilkea Castle Refurbishment Project. Our goal was to ensure a project completion that would offer long-term value and performance.

Check out the kitchen equipment that we sourced and installed for Kilkea Castle.

Rational Combi Ovens
Rational Combi Ovens are industry leaders in commercial combination oven technology. These innovative ovens utilise moisture control and convection heat to achieve exceptional cooking results across a wide range of methods including steaming, poaching, roasting, broiling, and more.

Key benefits of Rational Combi Ovens include faster preheating, intelligent sensors that adapt heating for precise control, self-cleaning capabilities, and networked functionality allowing remote monitoring and control.

With programmable settings and the ability to store cooking profiles, Rational Combi Ovens simplify cooking processes and ensure consistent high-quality results in commercial kitchens.

Whether boiling, frying or baking, the versatile combi-steamer ovens from Rational are a smart investment for any foodservice operation seeking to increase productivity while delivering top-notch cuisine.

True and Williams Refrigeration
True and Williams is an Irish, family-owned commercial refrigeration company founded in 1947. They manufacture and supply refrigerated cabinets, counters, blast chillers, coldrooms and other specialist catering equipment.

Their refrigeration units utilise advanced technologies like LED lighting, variable speed compressors and touchscreen controls to maximise efficiency and temperature control. They typically design refrigerators for sectors like hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafes, education, healthcare and retail.

Falcon F 900 series cooking lines
The Falcon F 900 Series represents the latest innovation in efficient, high-performance cooking technology. These advanced cooking lines feature superior construction using industry-leading components to ensure maximum uptime and reliability even under heavy use.

With powerful burner systems providing rapid heat-up and recovery, integrated safety controls, and ergonomic designs for ease of use and cleaning, the F 900 lines deliver exceptional functionality across grills, griddles, fryers, and other cooking stations. Falcon's innovative ventless and advanced ventilation options further enhance efficiency in commercial kitchens. The fully modular F 900 Series can be customised to meet specific menu requirements while providing the durability and consistent results that operators demand.

With their cutting-edge designs optimised for today's kitchens, Falcon's F 900 lines set the standard for intelligent, versatile, and dependable commercial cooking equipment.

Hobart Wash-up Systems
Hobart is a well-known brand in the commercial kitchen equipment industry, and their commercial dishwashers, in particular, are highly regarded for their efficiency, durability, and innovation. We installed a number of different models including Undercounter Dishwashers, Glasswashers and Pass Through (Hood Type) Dishwashers. This allowed us to create an efficient solution that could keep pace with the demands of Kilkea Castle. 

Why Choose Stephen’s Catering Equipment? 

When it comes to kitchen installation and fitting, Stephens Catering Equipment stands out as the premier choice for businesses and establishments based throughout Ireland.

Not only can we expertly source industry-leading equipment, ensuring that clients receive the best in quality and innovation, but we also provide comprehensive fitting services, ensuring seamless integration into any kitchen space.

Our vast experience is underscored by our involvement in numerous large-scale projects, like the Kilkea Castle Refurbishment. It is a testament to our capability and trustworthiness to deliver on our industry-leading services.

By choosing Stephens Catering Equipment, you are guaranteed a partner that understands the intricacies of kitchen setups, offering top-tier equipment, and delivering an impeccable installation service. We are your one-stop solution for all kitchen needs.

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