Falcon Fryer Angel

The Fryer Angel uses the very latest sensing technology to eradicate fryer fires and flare-ups in commercial kitchens giving operators peace of mind and security.

Our mission

Falcon has developed the Falcon Fryer Angel, incorporating the very latest sensing technology to prevent fires and flare-ups and giving operators peace of mind and security.

 What is it? The Falcon Fryer Angel is a unique, integrated safety system that raises the standard of safety and fire prevention for commercial fryers to a whole new level, making it a must-have for any professional kitchen. It takes safety out of the hands of the operator, automatically putting the appliance out of operation if the oil level falls to a potentially dangerous level.

How Does It Work? There's a sensor placed within the pan, surrounded by a protective guard (which can be moved for cleaning but is not removable from the sensor). When the oil level reaches the top of the sensor, the top up oil warning light illuminates, alerting the user that they need to top the oil up. If the oil level continues to drop to a potentially dangerous level, energy is cut to the unit immediately, with the user being alerted via a loud audible alarm and a flashing red warning light. The fryer is then out of service until the pan contains sufficient oil.

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