Why choose a Rational iCombi Oven?

There are several reasons that the iCombi Oven is a must have for you commercial kitchen. There are a range of intelligent features that will make food service easier, more reliable and reduce costs.

The addition of the iCombi Oven will reduce the amount of equipment you will need in your kitchen. RATIONAL’s multifunctional cooking capabilities that use heat, steam, or a combination of both, achieve the same cooking techniques as two or more pieces of traditional equipment. They can replace units like a convection oven, steamer, fryer, or grill which can create up to 30% more kitchen space. With units available in 6, 10 or 20 trays there’s a size to suit any kitchen footprint.

Is it possible to introduce new cooking methods such as smoking, sous vide and finishing without having to purchase additional equipment.

The iCombi Oven is not reliant on skilled chefs to produce high quality food. With just a few touches of the information display panel, any staff in the kitchen can operate a RATIONAL. The display panel features pre-programmed recipes and cooking processes that can be set with just a touch. Helpful programmed alerts will also prompt kitchen staff when it’s time to respond while overnight cooking processes allow for unattended production. For even greater ease-of-use, RATIONAL introduced ConnectedCooking, a platform which literally allows you to cook from your RATIONAL oven remotely! That’s right – you can pre-heat your oven from remote location, meaning fewer labour hours and more free time!

Cleaning the Rational equipment is now easier than ever before. The unit advises when a clean is required and the level of clean required.  You can also schedule cleaning to be completed unsupervised overnight.

The iCombi comes with a two-year warranty and as always, the team at Stephens Catering Equipment will expertly service the equipment throughout it’s lifecycle.  

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