PREMAX GP SERIES - Premium Glasswashers from Hobart. Featuring Intensiv4 Wash System

First impressions last . . . . . and clean, sparkling glassware is a vital component in the delivery of the perfect drink experience to your customers. No one understands the value of this more than Hobart. By extensively researching all of the major hospitality business segments including bars, leisure, restaurants and hotels, Hobart have listened to and understand the key requirements of the market.

This knowledge has enabled Hobart to develop the most efficient and effective range of glasswashers on the market - they all incorporate thoughtful features which ensure ease of use and cleaning combined with clever innovations to guarantee exceptionally consistent results and low running costs.

Device Number: GP-10A

Description:  Glasswasher with One 4 Division Rack

 Gas/Electrical Loading: 6.8kW 400/50/3 (6.15) [fuse at 3x16A]

Configurable to 4.8kW 230/50/1 (4.1) [fuse at 1x25A] 3.2kW 230/50/1 (1.36) [fuse at 1x16A]

Cycle Times (secs): 60 90 120

Max cycles per hour: 60